Lorreta A. Asamani Attua

HR / Admin


Lorreta Abena Asamani Attua is a seasoned professional serving as the HR and Administration Manager at SmartFord Consult, a leading creative agency known for its innovative solutions and client-centric approach. With her exceptional people management skills and proficiency in administrative operations, Lorreta plays a pivotal role in fostering a positive work environment and ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization.

Lorreta’s profound understanding of human resources management enables her to effectively recruit, onboard, and retain top talent for SmartFord Consult. She possesses a keen ability to identify individuals’ strengths and leverage them to optimize team dynamics and drive organizational success. Her empathetic approach fosters a supportive workplace culture where employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to excel. With a strong hand on the Microsoft Office Suite and other administrative tools, Lorreta efficiently manages the day-to-day operations of SmartFord Consult. From streamlining workflows and organizing schedules to overseeing facilities management and ensuring compliance with policies and regulations, she maintains meticulous attention to detail to uphold the agency’s operational efficiency and professionalism.

Lorreta’s strategic mindset and forward-thinking approach contribute to the strategic direction of the HR and administrative functions within SmartFord Consult. She collaborates closely with senior management to develop and implement policies, procedures, and initiatives that align with the company’s goals and objectives, driving growth and sustainability.

Lorreta Abena Asamani Attua’s unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with her exceptional people management skills and administrative acumen, makes her an invaluable asset to SmartFord Consult. With her at the helm of HR and administration, the agency continues to thrive as a dynamic and inclusive workplace where talent flourishes and success is achieved collectively.


Microsoft Word90%
Mircorsoft Excel60%
Microsoft Powerpoint75%
Interactive Skill85%